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I live in a small town, and when you go to the local salon to get your hair done, its only natural to hear the latest gossip of the town. Unfortunately in this salon, where they're about as backwards as can be, I sit in the chair, only to hear about the last client that was there, and all the problems she gave the stylist.

Well, did she really think that I wanted to hear that.? What do they say about me once I leave. Plus the owner runs around there like a chicken with her head cut off, and does exactly what the others do.

Gossip...about people in their town. I really don't know what's true and what isn't...but it made my experience there uncomfortable, and I saw no professionalism at all.

I won't go back, and as hard as it is to find another stylist, I'd rather pay more money, and hear less *** from the stylist.



YES!!! you are right!! I also do hair in town...

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